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Romi Zuska creampies Petr Zuska at William Higgins for Chosen Men


The sexy young men, hot duo Romi Zuska and Petr Zuska have their first hardcore scene. Watch Romi bareback Petr’s tight ass in several hot positions until he creampies Petr.

Yup. Today Romi and Petr have anal sex for the first time.

The two strip down and tease us with some erotic naked dance. They take turns blowing each other before Petr fingers Romi’s tight virgin ass. It’s the first time Romi takes something up his virgin manhole.

Romi takes the control back and barebacks Petr’s tight manhole in doggy, reverse cowgirl, sideway and doggy style again. Romi shoots his milky loads inside Petr’s ass before Petr showers Romi with spunk.

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0 features Carlos Santiago, Felipe Esquivel, and Johny Cruz in a hot interracial bareback fuck session for Chosen Men

STAXUS.COM writes:

Looking to get that perfect shot of yourself with your camera? Well, the selfie-stick is the answer to your dreams – as the arguably self-obsessed trio of Carlos Santiago, Felipe Esquibel and Johny Cruz are only too keen to demonstrate whilst fooling about in the pool in this Caribbean-based escapade. In fact, you can even use one of these fabulous gizmos underwater – which (as in Cruz’s case) means that you can snap yourself giving head both above and below the waves! As with all these kind of gadgets, however, the novelty always quickly fades; and, as in this particular case, it’s not long before the stick has been tossed to one side and the trio have abandoned the water in order to engage in some undisturbed fun back inside their villa.

So it is that Cruz is soon slurping on his buddies’ big black shafts in the relative comfort of their villa – and, as ever with this cock-crazed twink, he really can’t enough of every meaty, uncut inch that the two natives can thrust in his direction! Thrust being the operative word in this instance, with the two dark-skinned swordsmen only too willing and able to pulverise first the young lad’s throat and then his ass-hole; before Cruz finally does what he always seems to do so well and takes both dicks up his pucker at the same time.

No sitting down for him for the next week, that’s for sure – those two black mambas literally stretch him to bursting point! But at least his protein needs are satisfied given the amount of jizz that ultimately gets pumped down his throat! Rarely has a young lad looked so used and so happy!

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Dustin Holloway and Kurtis Wolfe flip fuck and swap loads at for Chosen Men

Dustin Holloway and Kurtis Wolfe flip fuck and swap loads RANDY BLUE.  Check out more of Dustin and Kurtis fucking after the jump!

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Put’s a different spin on things.


Next Door Buddies features Arad fucks Owen Michaels in Greek Massage, Part 2 for Chosen Men


“Word is spreading quickly about the masseur at Next Door Spa, as the hunky Arad keeps gaining more and more word of mouth advertising. The phones have been ringing off the hook and Arad is keeping himself pretty busy. Today is no different, as Arad has an appointment with a first timer who has been recommended to the spa. Owen Michaels has heard good things but he’s unsure quite what to expect.

Not to worry. Arad’s bedside manner is impeccable, as he lays Owen out and begins a deep sensual massage. Owen could almost fall asleep, that is if his cock wasn’t swelling into a raging hard-on. Arad senses this, then flips Owen over to examine his growing appreciation.

Owen is a bit nervous, but is quickly assuaged by Arad’s delicate touch, and when Arad wraps his lips around the tip of Owen’s cock and sucks lightly, Owen decides to close his eyes and let whatever follows happen.

What commences is Arad sucking Owen off until he’s nice and hard, flipping him over and eating his ass from behind as Owen holds onto the sides of the massage table, before Arad takes out his cock and plunges it deep into Owen’s waiting ass, easing it in at first, and then increasingly harder and harder, as Owen begins to see what all the fuss is about.

Owen mounts Arad and rides his fat cock, grinding on him as he lay back on the table, until he’s ready to bust his pent up load, which he does all over Arad as the masseur continues to pound away, pulling out and blasting his client with his own well earned load.

As Owen towels himself off, he asks Arad for his future availability. Looks like another return client Arad can add to his books.”

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Broke Straight Boys features James Andrews fucking Justin Riggs for Chosen Men


“James Andrews decided to come back…again, and we’ve got him paired up with the ever sexy Justin Riggs who is here to help walk him through what it’s like to suck a cock. This is all new for James since he’s never had a dick in his mouth before, so we start him off slow, letting him touch Justin, then rub his cock through his underwear, and then finally put his hands on Justin’s bare prick.

Justin looks completely at ease as he lets this newbie touch him, and when James has finally worked up the courage to put his lips around Justin’s cock, Justin helps him feel comfortable. James is unsure at first, but once he gets more used to the feeling of dick down his throat, he starts moving a little faster. When he’s gotten enough practice in, he lets Justin take over and give him some hands-on learning experience as Justin sucks James’ dick, deepthroating his cock while James enjoys the oral.

When James is hard, they move it to the bed and James puts his meat inside of Justin’s asshole, fucking him hard and then taking him in a few different positions, stretching that ass out as he fills Justin’s tight hole. While James is deep inside of him, Justin starts stroking his own dick, faster and faster until he shoots his load and gives himself a facial, and James adds his own cum to the hot mess on Justin’s chest!”

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Chosen Men's Redhead of the Day

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cool stuff



Gay Hoopla features Zach Douglas and Tyler Hanson’s hot flip-fuck for Chosen Men

GAY HOOPLA writes:

“Zach Douglas and Tyler Hanson really got along this filming weekend. They got to hang out and talk about damn near everything. Some conversation sparked in the shower when Tyler was talking about his unfair school professor. The entire time he’s talking to Zach, he’s totally checking out Zach’s ass when his back was turned.

After some bullshit banter back and forth, Tyler copped a feel of that tight frat’s ass. They made out while their dicks touching each other playing no hand swords. After these two had a taste of each others sausage, Zach was trying to FUCK.

He guided Tyler to the bedroom and worked his long thick cock into Tyler’s manhole. We love watching Tyler get fucked because the kid fucking loves it. He screams, he shouts, and still no one can take a smile off that precious face.

Of course, Zach couldn’t help but drop a load all over Tyler’s abs.

Mr. Douglas wanted a cock and in his ass next. They moved back to the bathroom where Tyler bent Zach over the sink. Zach happened to see himself getting fucked in the mirror and FUCKING loved it. Zach had mirrors everywhere in that bathroom and could watch himself get fucked over and over again.

Tyler was turned on by everything going on including Zach watching himself. His load was about to burst out but didn’t want it to end yet.

I just Love watching this Frat boy get fucked… makes my dick hard just thinking about it.”

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