NEXT DOOR EBONY: Prepped and pounded

On April 18, 2014, in Action, Black, Hunks, by Sterling Archer

47808 09 NEXT DOOR EBONY: Prepped and pounded


Nubius waits, chained to a dungeon cross.  He knows his masters will soon descend upon him with electric razors at the ready.  He can only tremble in anticipation, for he knows even the preparation will be sheer ecstasy.

But what Jay Black and Sam Swift have planned for the main course will be a heavenly punishment.They indeed shave him and unchain him.  His first order is to suck both Jay’s and Sam’s cocks at the same time, providing adequate pleasure to both raging erections.  Nubius knows he can accommodate these men.  As a submissive, Nubius has dealt with multiple throbbing dicks in his face.

Then it’s time for a good, proper ass pounding.  first, Jay is having his way.  To prep even further, Jay licks Nubius’s hole, tenderizing the warm pocket.  Then he slides his pulsating cock inside while Nubius slurps  on Sam’s behemoth dong.  After an unremorseful fucking, Jay and Sam switch sides so Sam can slam.

Watch this dungeon trio exercise their right to enjoy raunchy, underground sex in this twisted,  subterranean fuck party.  Enjoy!

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Ginge of the day

On April 18, 2014, in Models, Redheads, by Sterling Archer

364 Ginge of the day

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On April 18, 2014, in Action, Hunks, by Sterling Archer

47911 13 RAGING STALLION: Size Matters


Landon Conrad is sporting a beard, and he kicks back in his leather chair. Hot, young ginger Seamus O’Reilly kneels between his outspread thighs, wearing a jockstrap. He nuzzles Landon’s crotch until Landon’s pants are likely to burst. When Landon pulls out his fat and fully engorged meat, Seamus is on it in a microsecond. He sucks until his cheeks are hollow. Landon’s hips surge, triggering Seamus to suck harder. Landon’s shirt falls open to show pumped pecs and a hairy chest. Seamus is hairy himself, with thick ginger pubes and a huge cock. Landon shucks his pants to give full access to his balls, taint and ass. Seamus’ oral skills make Landon twitch like electricity was running through him.

He summons the willpower to pull Seamus off his cock, rewarding him with deep wet kisses, then reaming his ass with his tongue before planting his cock in Seamus’ hole. Seamus bounces with passion and urgency until Landon’s cock is as deep in his hole as it was in his throat. Landon picks him up bodily, swivels him around and lands him on his back, pile driving into him from above. With sweat coursing down his torso, Landon cums in Seamus’ mouth and Seamus quirts his satisfaction in streaks across the room.

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NEXT DOOR BUDDIES: City Cock & Farm Bottom

On April 17, 2014, in Action, Hunks, by Sterling Archer

24139 01 001 NEXT DOOR BUDDIES: City Cock & Farm Bottom


When Conner Hastings agreed to help a friend out with some work, he had no idea he’d be working with a city slicker like Derrick Dime. Derrick isn’t really cut out for country life or manual labor. When it comes to his hands, he’s got other skills though.

Conner quickly realizes very little outside work is going to get done with Derrick around, but Derrick suggests a little bit of inside work, and Conner is intrigued. Stealing away inside the storage shed, the guys strip out of their clothes as Conner falls to his knees, taking Derrick’s rod into his mouth and swallowing it down his hatch. Derrick closes his eyes as Conner gags on his cock, almost ready to bust, before they switch, and it’s Derrick’s turn to taste a little country sausage. Conner fucks Derrick’s mouth until he’s so horny he can’t control himself, and then he begs Derrick to show off some that big city technique as Conner hugs up against a ladder and spreads his cheeks.

Derrick pounds away as the eyes roll back into Conner’s head, then the guys move to the floor where Conner grinds and rides Derrick’s thick shaft, before Derrick flips him over and literally fucks the cum out of Conner as he lay on his back, dousing him with his own city hose just as Conner finishes. Now about that work that was supposed to get done…Enjoy!

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On April 17, 2014, in Amateur & Straight Men, Videos, by admin

I love redheaded men:

GINGERS teaser from Antonio da Silva Films on Vimeo.

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Ginge of the day

On April 17, 2014, in Amateur & Straight Men, Redheads, by Sterling Archer

352 Ginge of the day


FETISH FORCE: Twinks with kinks

On April 17, 2014, in Action, Fetish & Kink, by Sterling Archer

47829 01 FETISH FORCE: Twinks with kinks


Armond Rizzo has the body of a gymnast, with smooth, olive skin. He’s naked, tied up to the ceiling by silken red cords around his wrists. His feet just touch the bench below him. Doug Acre strides across the room with a huge tent in his gym shorts, grabs Armond’s uncut cock and sucks it. Doug’s deep chest has a light scattering of hair.

Armond pants and sways, but does not speak as Doug steps out of his trunks. Doug teases Armond’s cock, using two fingers to move the foreskin back and forth and his lips to tease the head. In a sudden movement, Doug grabs Armond behind both knees and lifts his legs into the air. Armond swings freely from his restraints as Doug tongue-dives into his hole.

Letting Armond’s feet touch ground again, Doug once more attends to sucking him, inhaling it deeply and stroking as he sucks, edging Armond closer and closer to orgasm. Armond’s cries and whimpers become louder and faster, but Doug walks away telling him, ‘You’re not allowed to cum.’

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