… or just another reason to be queer 😉

How “GRACE” came about…
I recently met Matthew (20 yrs of age) through a mutual friend while visiting home in Phoenix, Arizona. He had never done any type of professional or amateur acting/modeling work; however his potential was instantly inevitable. With my tattoo series in current production, I offered to do a photo shoot of him. While I was driving around the morning of the shoot, “Secrets” by OneRepublic started playing on the radio and I immediately envisioned doing a video story for it. As the idea developed, within 30 minutes I borrowed a couple of skateboards from a friend and decided to try out a last minute video with him before the photo shoot. As the concept developed, I decided that an old familiar place would be the perfect place for this film. I had lived 8 years of my childhood life in this trailer park so it was quite a memorable set. Our shoot was scheduled at 6pm; right after Matthew’s warehouse job was over. By the time we arrived to the actual location it was 30mins until all daylight disappeared. Our total shooting time was roughly 15mins with minimal takes… and I guess this is how “GRACE” came about. –

Puppy pumping iron
Your morning smile

Sterling Archer