Brock returns to Active Duty for a little treat in the form of a BJ from Dan.

The scene starts out with the cute blonde on the bed gripping his sizable (and growing) member. Then Mike tells Brock about his surprise, “Got my buddy here Dan,” Mike says, “asked him if he’d, maybe… help you out a little bit.” Of course Dan doesn’t mind being today’s “treat” at all, as he quickly hops onto the bed.

When Brock reveals his big sausage, Dan comments on how nice it is. Brock is all smiles as Dan jerks him a little more before diving down to take him in his mouth. Dan licks him up and down like a lollipop, while Brock keeps a hand on Dan’s shoulder. Brock whispers instructions to Dan as he grabs the back of his head, guiding him down on his stiff one.

You’ll have to see how things play out, but I can guarantee you, Brock had himself a very nice time with Dan.

Check out the rest of this hot scene after the jump or head over on over and join ACTIVE DUTY now!

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