Chosen Men presents College Dudes


Grant Folt just turned 21, and we were able to see him a few days after his wild birthday weekend.

He seems to have survived his right of passage rather well, and he also came home from the experience hornier than ever! Grant strips down and gets his cock very hard quickly. He seems to love closing his eyes and fantasizing while he strokes his pole, and he pays a lot of attention to the area just underneath his cock-head. Grant is a relatively quiet masturbator, but he makes up for that in the way he moves around as he does it. On his knees at first, then on the bed showing us his asshole, Grant is certainly not a shy guy!

Grant has the cutest facial expressions as he whacks off, and he gets even more intense as he gets closer to climax. He jerks his dick very hard, and he breathes just as hard as he moves toward orgasm. Finally, Grant lets out a hot several spurts of jizz, creamy and thick.

Great show by newbie Grant!

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Chosen Men presents College Dudes
Chosen Men presents College Dudes

Chosen Men presents College Dudes



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