Tyler Preston just moved into his new apartment and his best friend, Taylor, is here to help him unpack. Things are a mess when they decide they need some relief from the stress of the move and all the junk that needs to be organized.

Tyler wastes no time getting Taylor onto the couch and after a quick make-out session, they get their shirts off and Tyler gets into Taylor’s shorts. Taylor’s cock grows quickly and soon the tatted stud is taking the twink’s thick cock all the way down his throat. Tyler needs better access to everything on Taylor and removes both of their shorts so they can dry hump in their tight little underwear.

They flip over and soon Taylor is working the stud’s super hard dick up and down, lips firmly wrapped around their prize. Taylor loves cock and moans eagerly as he sucks and slurps on the big pole in front of him. When he gets Tyler to full mast, the stud flips Taylor over and goes to work rimming and fingering the thin twink’s hole, getting it open and ready for the abuse it’s about to take with Tyler’s big cock.

Tyler mounts up like the stud he is and rams his rod deep inside Taylor. Lots of grunting ensues as they switch positions from missionary, to Taylor riding on top, to doggie, and back to Taylor on his back with his legs in the air. Taylor can’t get enough cock and wants his stud’s cum bad!

They sit next to each other, both rubbing their giant, ready-to-burst cocks. They stare at each others junk as they pound away. Taylor can’t take it any longer and lays back to take Tyler’s full load. He watches Tyler’s dick closely, anticipating his reward for they day’s moving work. Tyler proclaims that he’s getting close and then lets his juices flow all over our tight-bodied twink, getting his sticky semen all over Taylor’s face, mouth and chest.

Tyler is just as cum-hungry and wants what Taylor has to offer. They flip around and Taylor returns the favor with a giant creamy load of jizz that shoots over the stud’s shoulder and onto the couch, ultimately pooling up on Tyler’s chest. Tyler tastes a sample of the semen by licking the tip of Taylor’s overly inflated extra hung twink dick before we leave them to finish up organizing the unfinished move.

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