The trailer comes to us courtesy of the Broke Straight Boys YouTube channel, who describe the show thusly…

A peek at the Broke Straight Boys Reality Show is here! Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn… and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform.

Though no explicit porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.

I’ve always been fascinated by the dudes who do ‘gay for pay’ and I’ll you y’all posted about the series as more details cum available.

Chosen Men features the gay for pay boys from Broke Straight Boys!


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