Zeb pops Simon's anal cherry at Chosen Men


“I suppose there’s no point in trying to say we’re taking things easy on Simon. He’s hot, he’s obviously supremely sexual, and his first guy/guy action scene showed he could get in to some fun with other guys just as well as he’d done with girls before.

Having his very first bottom experience being with Zeb would be quite the step, though – Zeb has himself a big, fat dick that would surely fill Simon up completely and stretch his hole.”

“Zeb knows he has a big dick, knew he was going to be Simon’s first, so went out of his way to get Simon’s hole prepped as best as he could – he rimmed Simon eagerly and deeply, and by the time Zeb’s tongue had finished working its magic on Simon’s virgin hole Simon could hardly wait for more.Simon no doubt strains to take all of Zeb’s cock at first, but you need to see how his dick responds to getting fucked by Zeb. It gradually gets bigger and bigger, stiffer and stiffer, until he’s riding Zeb’s cock with his own hard dick bouncing around while he grunts and moans.

Simon’s cock is as hard as it is despite his not touching it at all while getting fucked – what Zeb’s doing to his hole is enough to have him rock hard and on edge. When Simon does finally touch his own cock – with Zeb’s still pumping his hole – he sprays cum all over.”

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Zeb pops Simon's anal cherry at Chosen Men
Zeb pops Simon's anal cherry at Chosen Men
Zeb pops Simon's anal cherry at Chosen Men


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