Straight boy, redheaded Aric, gets naked and jacks off at Chaosmen for Chosen Men

CHAOSMEN writes:

I thought I would bring you some rough trade for the day.

Aric is literally a lumberjack. He has a tough living, cutting down trees and chopping wood. Hence the beat-up shins and very dark tanned face and lower arms.

But he is a full-on Ginger, and he had his fiery pubes completely intact. No waiting for them to grow back!

He likes the ladies, but has had guys suck his cock. He struggled getting along with women, so thought maybe he might be bi, and tried it with a couple guys. I think he realized quickly that it wasn’t his sexuality, but just how he was behaving, then cleaned up his act.

He just turned 32, and you can tell he has a lot of experience jerking his cock. I am guessing he is likely just as good in bed.

His ass is awesome, and his butthole needs to be penetrated. He says girls have tried to finger him before, but he always makes them stop before they make any progress. So my guess is he will not be keen on getting fucked, but ya never know!

His orgasm is tremendous! Cum shoots up in the air like a sprinkler gone crazy! It is very clear, and on his Ginger white skin a bit hard to see, but volumes come out and he has spasms from the amazing orgasm. It looks very intense!

He will be back to get a massage next week, so stay tuned for more rough trade red-head action!

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Straight boy, redheaded Aric, gets naked and jacks off at Chaosmen for Chosen Men



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