SEAN CODY writes:

“It’s been a few months since we have seen Tate and he has been hitting the gym hard since then. “You look great. Looks like your ass and chest have doubled in size!” “Thanks. Working out is a full time job for me. I’m obsessed.” “Seriously… but that ass! Its huge!” I couldn’t help but to notice and call him out on it. “I’ve been doing some squats.” He said with a huge smile on his face.

Tate stood up and showed off his ass and Jayden just stared at it and smiled. “You have a big ole smile!” Jayden was grinning ear to ear. “Yeah of course I do, I get to fuck that.”

I surprised Jayden and didn’t tell him until he got to set that he was going to be a top. “I rarely get to top when I come here, so it’s exciting!” Jayden who usually is quiet and a little reserved really came out of his shell and proved that he knows how to top. He got really vocal and started dirty talking a bit. It was like a whole new Jayden.

These two had a great time fucking and you could see that Tate really liked having Jayden fuck him. “It’s been a while. Its nice to have a dick in my ass again.”

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