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ICON MALE writes: Nick Capra passes his former student, Colton Grey, as he’s driving down the road. Colton is hitchhiking into town, looking for work, because his dad got evicted from his house. Nick can’t resist Colton’s puppy dog eyes and he lets the boy stay in his guest room while he gets back on his feet. Nick starts talking about how in the school days he wasn’t able to talk to Colton about his feelings for ethical reasons. Colton…


FALCON STUDIOS writes: In “Krossfire”, Sebastian subjects Colton Grey to a blistering pounding before unloading into his mouth. “Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey are gearing up to fuck. Their tongues and lips explore each other’s writhing bodies. Colton’s assless briefs make it obvious he’s here to get fucked. Stripping off Sebastian’s shorts, Colton helps himself to a face full of hard cock. As Colton starts sucking on Sebastian’s tool, Sebastian’s hips buck reflexively and Colton clenches his sphincter muscles in…